Industry Insights

From Kitchens to Common Spaces—Simplifying Major Turns Projects

Touch-Free Solutions for Building Better Wellness

Commercial Lighting Solutions

New Year, New Laws: What to Watch For in 2021

Cold & Flu Prevention

Updating Kitchen Cabinets & Countertops

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for Worker Safety

Go Touch-Free in Restrooms & Breakrooms

Indoor Air Quality Is More Important Than Ever

Get Your Facility Going Again After COVID-19

Spring Cleaning

Pet-Friendly Amenities

Small Upgrades, Big Impact

Spring Refresh Ideas for Your Property

Kitchen & Bath Upgrades

2020 Amenities

New Year, New Laws

Secure Package Centers

5 Tips to Reduce Vacancies During the Holidays

The Rise of Suburban Multifamily Development

CapEx Projects - What's Risky, What's Rewarding

Simple Kitchen Renovations to Feed Your ROI

Empowering Your Employees

Spruce Up Your Property this Fall

HVAC Conversion Programs – Should You Replace or Repair?

Upgrading Amenities to Attract Growing Renter Segments

Modern and Affordable Upgrades for Older Properties

Interior Flooring and Paint Trends that Work for Every Property

Trending Multifamily Renovation Time Savers

Protect Your Property with Severe Weatherproofing

Summertime Pool Maintenance Tips

Celebrate National Safety Month with Property Safety Upgrades

5 Renovations to Boost Your Rental Income

High-Income Residents Are the Fastest-Growing Multifamily Housing Segment

Celebrate Earth Day with a Focus on Plumbing and Lighting Efficiency

The impact of Recycling on Waste Management

Six Tips to Make the Most of Turn Season

What amenities Renters Want Most and What They Will Compromise On

Freshen Up – Springtime Tips to Renew Your Property

High-Traffic Projects Make a Big Impact

Pet-Friendly Amenities – A Smart and Affordable Renovation Investment

Resolve to Be Well in the New Year

New Year, New industry Standards – Window Coverings, HVAC and Lighting

Secure Package Storage Centers: The Rise of On-Demand Delivery

Treat Appliances Like An Amenity: Smart, Modern and On-Trend

Maximizing the Effectiveness of Your Capital Expenditures

Four Strategies to Reduce Vacancies This Holiday Season

Why Conserving Water is the Right Choice for Your Property

Heading into 2019 – Trends in Multifamily Renovations

The Bathroom Is a Goldmine Renovation

Be Prepared This Storm Season with a Disaster Mitigation Plan

How to Use Lighting to Effectively Transition Your Property and Budget

Upgrades and Refreshes That Work for Every Property

Baby Boomer Renters Offer Big Boom for Multifamily Properties

Get Smart: Tech Updates Your Residents Want

Strategies for Multifamily Property Weather-Resilience

Steps to Ensure Safer Renovations

Why Small-Scale Multifamily Renovation Projects Are Trending

Be WELL! Why Your Property Needs a Health and Wellness Plan

Turn Right! Three Tips to Successfully Navigate Turn Season

Dogs (and Cats) Allowed: Why It’s Profitable to be Pet-Friendly

Going Green: What’s Trending in Eco-Friendly Home Upgrades

Win and Keep Residents with Community Beautification

Rethink The Kitchen: How to Boost Your Rental Income Through Renovation

Understanding How Millennials Rent

Don't Break the Bank: Small Upgrades with Big Returns

New Year, New Multifamily Industry Changes

Build Some Community During the Holidays

Renting During the Holidays

Irresistible Amenities – Here’s What Renters Want

Three Ways to Avoid a Renovations Horror Story

Millennial and Baby Boomer Renting Habits: They’ve Got More in Common Than You Think


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