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Feb 8, 2021 10:45:00 AM / by RenovationsPlus

bigstock-Emergency-Exit-Sign-And-Exit-G-377045473Invest in quality lighting to help improve safety and appeal in commercial spaces. Whether you need CFL lights or want energy-saving LEDs, there are options to fit any facility.

Many commercial properties are switching to LED lighting for its high efficiency and visual appeal. LEDs are increasingly common, including in exit lighting, outdoor lighting and recessed lighting. In fact, LED recessed lighting has been found to decrease energy usage by 75% or more.1


Emergency & Exit Lighting

When the lights go out unexpectedly in your facility, be prepared with the right emergency and exit lighting. These lighting solutions help keep guests and personnel safe during an emergency. It’s important that lighting is up to code in your facility. The National Fire Protection Association requires exit signs to be visible from 100’ or as indicated by the manufacturer.2 Ensure peace of mind during an outage by having your emergency lighting and exit signs internally wired into emergency backup power. If this option is not available in your facility, purchase extra batteries for units that are battery-powered.


 High & Low Bay Fixtures

See everything in your commercial space with high or low bay lighting. The height of your ceiling determines the type of bay lighting you need. If your ceiling is above 20’, you need high bay lighting because this option has a higher lumen output that provides clear visibility to the areas below. High bay lighting also helps reduce shadows, which could pose a safety risk in work areas. For ceilings under 20’, use low bay lighting. This type of commercial lighting is most commonly found in retail spaces and public buildings, because it has a lower lumen output. Lower lumens mean others are able to see clearly without being blinded by the brightness of a high bay’s lumen output.


Shop Lights & Strip Lights

Shop lights and strip lights are best used in confined spaces. These commercial lighting options place light exactly where it’s needed to reduce waste and improve safety. A small project inside a garage or other indoor work area can be brightly lit by shop lighting. Spaces like indoor storage buildings may use strip lighting to illuminate hallways, making it safer for others unloading and loading their items. Strip lights are also easy to install and available in several sizes.


Troffer & Wraparound Fixtures

Troffers, or recessed lighting, add appeal to your commercial space. They’re installed flush with the ceiling, so they provide light without being seen. Because they’re hidden, they also streamline the look of offices and other commercial spaces. However, their design means they only shine light straight down. To provide more all-around lighting, choose wraparound lighting. Each fixture uses a 1-piece lens to diffuse the lumen output, making the lighting shine sideways and down.


Switch to LEDs

No matter which type of commercial lighting solution you need for your facility, consider switching to LEDs to provide greater energy efficiency. LED lighting lasts longer than traditional bulbs, meaning fewer change-outs and lower energy costs.



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