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Get Your Facility Going Again After COVID-19

Jun 16, 2020 8:45:00 AM / by RenovationsPlus

Multifamily employee wearing a face mask (PPE)You weren’t alone in dealing with the effects of COVID-19, and you won’t be alone when it comes to restoring your facility, resuming operations and recovering your business. Our tips on implementing new practices not only help you reopen for business, they also are intended to protect the well-being of those in and around your facility.

Follow our important tips below to successfully tackle the uncharted territory of fully reopening your business after a virtually global quarantine. Please remember that this is a rapidly evolving situation with new information constantly being released. Check the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) [] and your local health authority websites regularly for updates.



Keep maintenance personnel and others safe with a site assessment that outlines cleaning and disinfecting tasks to be completed and the methods and products to be used. Those performing the assessment should wear proper personal protective equipment (PPE).

Below are vital steps you need to take in order for a smooth, safe and successful start toward reopening your business. Be sure to follow them precisely.


Important Cleaning Tips

Wear disposable gloves, coveralls and shoe covers when cleaning and discard after use
Wash down areas with soap and water before disinfecting (follow disinfectant instructions)
Clean washable face masks and discard non-washable face masks after each use
Wash and disinfect cleaning tools


Is Your Protocol Easy to Follow & Monitor?

Consider posting procedures in key locations
Create a log of tasks to be performed
Check logs regularly in accordance with health and safety standards
Designate at least one employee to review and sign off on logs


Hand Sanitizer Should Be Plentiful

Install touchless dispensers in all outdoor entrances and indoor spaces
      ◦  Counters, high-traffic hallways, common area doors, offices, etc.
Ensure staff members have a personal supply



Now that you’ve prepped your business to be as safe as possible for everyone, it’s time to adhere to established protocols and add new ones. One of the most important protocols is maintaining steady communication with those in your facility. Clear, consistent and fact-based communication is key to keeping everyone informed on new policies and procedures that focus on health and safety. Be sure to use a tone that doesn’t frighten.


Another important aspect of resuming operations is retraining your staff. This includes cross-functional training in case sick employees miss work, as well as compliance training on current health and safety standards, especially chemical handling and storage. This training also helps streamline service requests by ensuring your staff only brings the tools needed to complete a job.


Also Consider the Following:

Add more signage on new health and safety protocols
      ◦  Social distancing, safety, handwashing, germ spread prevention
Emphasize distancing and make use of outdoor space as necessary
Ensure protocols are being followed to promote safety, security and well-being
Stagger work schedules for staff returning to work to reinforce distancing requirements
Discourage workers from using others’ tools and equipment when possible



The outlook for businesses nationwide may vary, but you should consider what recovery looks like in the “new normal.” A solid post-COVID-19 strategy will help you rebuild and get your business back on track. Follow these tips to successfully prepare for the future:


  • Create a touch-free environment to limit the spread of germs
Urinals/toilets, towel/soap dispensers, faucets, cleaning tools and door kickplates
  • Begin long-term budget planning
Capital investments for financial support in the “new normal”
Adjustments for potential increased costs
  • Review your business plan
Be ready to rethink how your property operates
Watch the competition and regularly review your strategy
Review new protocols and evolve if necessary
  • Create new opportunities
Act as a resource for those seeking more information, guidance and support
Develop new and innovative ways to meet demand and set your business apart
Ramp up marketing efforts, including online, to promote your business


Prepare for the Unthinkable

Should sheltering in place resume, know that you’ve done this before and you can do it again. This time, however, you’ll have a plan in place and be better prepared to keep your business going strong. Remember to follow established protocols and clearly and consistently communicate with your staff and others.

The information provided in this blog does not, and is not intended to, constitute legal advice; instead, all content is for informational purposes only. This blog does not create an attorney-client relationship between the reader and Home Depot Pro. You should consult your attorney to obtain advice with respect to any particular legal issue or problem.


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