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Spring Cleaning

Mar 26, 2020 9:45:00 AM / by RenovationsPlus

Apartment Exterior during SpringSpring has sprung, which means warmer weather and a lot of potential residents looking at your property. In fact, rents increase during spring and summer because more renters are looking to move while vacant units are filled by those moving.1



If you haven’t started already, begin checking off your spring cleaning to-do list to ensure your property offers a clean, welcoming look for apartment seekers. Tidying up your property’s interior and exterior also shows current residents that you care about their living space, which helps increase retention rates and boost your bottom line.


There are plenty of interior spring cleaning tasks you can finish to make your units feel more like “home” for residents. Don’t forget about your property’s exterior for spring cleaning. Potential and current residents notice pools, community areas, dog parks and trash areas first, so be sure those areas are in tip-top shape for the busy season ahead.


Help Residents Breathe Healthy

Even something as small as changing air filters can have a big impact. Did you know that approximately 50 million Americans suffer from outdoor allergies?2 Replace air filters during spring cleaning, as well as every one to three months afterwards, to keep air clean and minimize allergens (dust/pollen) for residents.


Another way you can help residents breathe healthy this spring and beyond is by checking bathrooms and kitchens for mold. Bathtubs and sinks are common breeding grounds for mold because these areas collect moisture. Be on the lookout for water damage to prevent mold growth as mold spores in the air can cause serious health issues for residents.


Improve Curb Appeal

Making a good first impression is vital to your success this spring, so sharpen your property’s curb appeal by updating your grounds, inspecting the perimeter for damage and replacing outdated lighting.


Now that the leaves have stopped falling, remove remaining fall leaves from flowerbeds to spruce up your walkways and entrances. You can also enliven these areas by sweeping away snow salt and smoothing snowplow ruts (if applicable). Don’t forget about dead plants and vegetation!


The winter chill is over, so fertilize, trim trees and finish other landscaping tasks to help turn heads of current and prospective residents. Nothing helps fill units quite like a property covered in beautiful spring annuals. If the weather is too cold in the early spring, consider silk arrangements until the temperature climbs. The new flowers and foliage won’t last without proper irrigation, so be sure to inspect your irrigation system and make any necessary repairs.


For safety as much as appeal, ensure proper outdoor lighting is on your property. Residents feel more secure with bright lighting in parking lots and other common areas. Help families feel safe with updated lighting fixtures and lamps. LEDs are a popular choice because of their brightness and their cost savings.


Make Residents Feel at Home

Spring cleaning doesn’t stop at your grounds and outside areas. Residents expect to feel at home before signing a lease, so don’t give them any room for doubt. Freshen up the interiors of your units for an immediate positive impact on your vacancy rate.


From simply cleaning or replacing salt-stained entry mats to doing a deep clean on kitchens, there is plenty you can do to make residents go “Wow!” when they step into one of your units. Other common spring cleaning tasks that renew the look and feel of your units include wiping down doors, walls and windows, cleaning and opening blinds, cleaning vents and dryers and inspecting and repairing HVAC systems.


Complement your outdoor lighting upgrades with LEDs in kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms. ENERGY STAR®-rated products are an ideal choice because they use 75% less energy and last 25 times longer when compared to incandescent lighting2. Residents greatly appreciate these savings, which translate to a higher retention rate and lower vacancy rate for you.


Spring into Action

Don’t wait any longer to start your spring cleaning jobs. Get started now to ensure your property is ready to amaze the large number of apartment seekers this spring. Creating the best possible look and feel for your grounds and units is key to getting potential residents to sign a lease, as well as to keeping current residents from leaving.



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