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Go Touch-Free in Restrooms & Breakrooms

Aug 3, 2020 4:30:39 PM / by RenovationsPlus


Germs are everywhere, but they’re especially abundant in restrooms and breakrooms. Door handles, faucets, toilets, light switches and other high-touch surfaces in restrooms and breakrooms can quickly spread viruses from one person to another, reducing staff productivity and endangering the health and wellness of others.

In fact, U.S. employers lose about $227 billion in productivity each year because of sick employees.1 Install sensor faucets, urinals and toilets, automatic paper towel and soap dispensers, automatic air fresheners and other touch-free solutions in your restrooms and breakrooms to reduce the spread of germs. Doing so will better protect those on your property and maintain productivity in your workplace.


Sensor Toilets & Urinals

Before washing their hands in the restroom, people will visit a urinal or toilet. These high-touch areas are breeding grounds for germs, so make the change to touch-free solutions to keep others safe. One of the best options for protecting hands from germy restroom surfaces is automatic flush toilets.

There are a number of reasons why automatic toilets are the first choice for a touch-free restroom. The first reason, of course, is that these touch-free solutions remove the chance of others coming into contact with germs. By minimizing germ count, touch-free toilets minimize the chances of staff and occupants becoming ill.

Byproducts of automatic flush toilets are convenience and increased appeal. All it takes to flush these toilets is a simple wave of the hand. Their touch-free design and advanced technology also add a modern look and feel to any public restroom.


Sensor Faucets

Handwashing doesn’t do any good if faucets are contaminated with germs. Switch to sensor faucets to eliminate the possibility of germ contamination before and after lathering up with soap in the restroom or breakroom. Not only do sensor faucets reduce the possibility of germ contamination, they also reduce your water usage and impact on the environment.

Did you know that the flow rates of sensor faucets (0.5 GPM to 0.35 GPM) are lower when compared to the flow rates of standard manual lavatory faucets (1.2 GPM)? That means more money in your pocket!

Sensor faucets also elevate the overall look of any restroom with a streamlined design that is absent of handles and buttons. This design minimizes standing water on the faucet deck, which minimizes the places in which germs can grow.


Touch-Free Dispensers

Keep germs away from clean hands with touch-free paper towel, air freshener, hand wash and soap dispensers. Automatic dispensers are the right choice because they keep clean hands clean.

Making touch-free dispensers easily accessible is just as important as providing them. Be sure to put automatic soap dispensers near sinks in bathrooms and breakrooms so that users are more apt to use them. Also, placing touch-free towel dispensers near sinks mean more people will use towels instead of their germy shirts or pants to dry their hands.

Automatic air fresheners can be added anywhere where bad odors are found. They can be set to spray in certain intervals to keep nose-turning smells at bay. Don’t worry about where to place them in a room because they’re not used by occupants.


Smart Thermostats, Security & Kickplates

Comfort, convenience and safety can also be touchless with smart thermostats, security devices and door kickplates. Consider replacing exterior door hardware with eKeys or touch-to-open technologies that allow entry without having to touch a single doorknob. These easy-to-install and simple-to-program products also eliminate the hassle of constantly searching for keys, which also are home to germs.

Did you know that HVAC energy comprises 52% of your building’s energy consumption?2 Choose smart thermostats for more efficient heating and cooling that also keeps germs at bay. Even when no one is in the building, smart thermostats can control temperature so that any room is comfortable upon arrival. The best part is that no one has to touch a screen!

Entering a building without touching a doorknob or push bar is possible with kickplates. They’re built to last and come in handy when someone is carrying a load of items in their arms. Occupants can avoid germs and falling packages at the same time.


Stop Germs from Touching Others

The “new normal” for facilities means maintaining healthy and safe workplaces that promote productivity and well-being. That means using essential touch-free products that eliminate germs and elevate the overall look and feel of public restrooms and breakrooms.

In addition to updating to touch-free solutions, the spread of germs can be minimized by avoiding the following:

  • Touching your eyes, nose and mouth with unwashed hands
  • Preparing and/or consuming food and/or drinks with unwashed hands
  • Touching contaminated surfaces and/or objects
  • Blowing your nose, coughing or sneezing into your hands before touching others’ hands or common objects

You can also be proactive in reducing germ counts by frequently washing your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. If you can’t access soap and water, lather up with a hand sanitizer that contains at least 60% alcohol.3



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