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Touch-Free Solutions for Building Better Wellness

Mar 11, 2021 9:48:53 AM / by RenovationsPlus


The COVID-19 pandemic has made reducing germ exposure and cross-contamination in facilities essential. This is especially true in the restroom, which is a facility’s second most-visited space1.  

From hands-free door solutions and touch-free paper towel dispensers to sensor faucets and motion sensor lighting, there are many ways you can upgrade your facility to help make it healthier for staff and visitors.


Touch-Free Dispensers

Help protect from germs with touch-free hand sanitizers and paper towel dispensers. Since germs are mostly found in restrooms, these solutions are necessary in those areas to help promote health and wellness. In fact, paper towel dispensers help reduce bacteria on hands by up to 77 percent.2

Solutions like touch-free hand sanitizer and paper towel dispensers are necessary in bathrooms to help promote health and wellness. They should also be placed in breakrooms, hallways, offices and other high-traffic areas with commonly touched surfaces to help eliminate germs. Although sensor hand dryers are touch-free, they may not be a wise choice for combatting germs as they have been shown to spread bacteria by expelling contaminated water droplets into the air.2


Sensor Faucets

While updating bathrooms and other areas with touch-free paper towel and hand sanitizer dispensers, don’t forget to also add sensor faucets. When combined with touch-free dispensers in the restroom, break room and kitchen, sensor faucets help provide solid protection from germs.

In addition to eliminating touch points for potential contamination, sensor faucets:

  • Save water compared to standard model faucets through timed activation
  • Streamline the look in any kitchen or bathroom with modern design


Hands-Free Door Openers

Doors are opened and closed numerous times on a daily basis. Go touch-free to reduce the number of door contacts in a day. Arm and foot pulls, step handles and kickplates help limit exposure to germs in bathrooms, offices and other spaces. 

Ideal for wood or metal doors, these solutions can be pulled from the bottom or top for easy opening. Foot pulls offer safe opening with gripper teeth and raised lips, as well as angles that grab all kinds of footwear without causing a tripping hazard.

You don’t have to sacrifice appeal for safety and convenience. These pulls are available in various finishes to match any décor.


Motion Sensor Lighting

Turn light on and off without flipping a switch when you install motion sensors. These hands-free solutions are ideal for outdoor security and utility needs because they turn on lights when any nearby motion is detected.

When installing motion sensor lighting outdoors, be sure to not use HID (high-intensity discharge) lamps. HIDs can take up to 10 minutes to produce light with motion sensors, putting staff and visitors at risk when it’s dark outside.3

Motion sensor lighting is also ideal for reducing germ exposure indoors. Motion sensor lighting illuminates indoor areas automatically, helping keep hands germ-free.



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